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Custom made

Our project from its starting point is focused of creation of productive and comfortable workspace in your office or home to satisfy needs of each customer. This is why we pay much attention to the requests for customized desks.
This section covers some of our customized models.

Decart ERGO

Model of desk based on Decart design also equipped with tilted front to adjust the angle of the desktop fron section that would suit your wrist at most.
Price idea - 4000 UAH (US$ 500).

Подробное описание и фото..


Custom made model with tilted desktop with drawing feature. Budget idea - 4160 UAH (USD 520)

Подробное описание и фото..


Short desktop (1000*700 mm // 1000*600 mm) model based on Decart design.

Подробное описание и фото..


Our first model of hight adjustavle desk with electrical drive.


Подробное описание и фото..