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Standard desks

As a result of numerous experiments and modifications we designed model Decart - a desk which is maintenance-free, easy to assamble and operate and fully independent from any power sources not to say about affordable price.

Decart is the cornerstone for a wide range of other our desk modifications.

The models indicated below can be considered as standard or serial, as in most cases they are avaiable for fast assembly and shipment.

Decart fX

Decart fX modification is designed based on Decart v3.1 model, the only diferrence is the shape and dimensions of the desktop. 

PRICE IDEA - US$ 420. 

Подробное описание и фото..


Fundamental model of our hight adjustable desks. Desktop travel (from min to max level) is 380 mm.
Price - US$ 410 in Simferopol, UA.

Подробное описание и фото..