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Decart fX

Decart fX modification is designed based on Decart v3.1 model, with desktop of 1400*800 mm and ergonomic cut in the center of front edge that allows to place comfortably the eldows on the desktop.


Decart fX
Decart fX
Decart fX
Описание продукта: 

Desktop: Laminated woodchip board (Egger or equivalent) 18 mm thick (other materials are also possible, e.g. wooden etc).

Standard Desktop dimensions: 1390х800х18 mm with semiround front cut

Standard Desktop colours:  Nebraska Oak, Zebrano grey, Gasienda white Other colours are also possible on order based on availability.

Desk frame color - Silver metallic or black. For the quantity of 3 desks and more any color is possible.

Frame Coating - Powder paint

Desktop angles: Front angles are rounded, rear angles - either rounded or sharp.

Desktop lower level (sit posture): 74 cm from floor up to upper surface of the desktop

Desktop upper level (stand posture): 112 cm from floor up to upper surface of the desktop

Additional options:

Cable entry in the desktop:  

metal (chromed or dull)

- cable entry with USB-Hub and audio in/out sockets for headphones. 

height extension legs/ casters

Packing dimensions: 

Frame package: 1 box 1000*650*100 mm. Weight - 20 kg

Desktop package: 1 box 1420*720(820)*40 mm. Weight 14,0-15,5 kg.


The frame can be supplied without the desktop to let the Client install its own desktop